Allow Me to Shed Some Light on the Situation

My wife loves dragons.

I love my wife.

I also love the idea of an alternate persona of dragons to represent our family: Momma dragon, Daddy dragon, and two hatchlings.  It’s something that we have used to describe our family for a number of years now.  It was especially apt when my wife was pregnant.

Extra info for those not familiar with the Dragons of Pern series by Anne McAffrey.  A weyr is the word used to describe a core of dragons, dragonriders, and support staff.  It’s also the word for the physical living space of a weyr.  

Blogging has always been a hobby of mine.  Amateur journalism on the wild frontier of the web.   Yet in the eight years that I’ve been a part of the blogging community, I never really got any traction.  I would like to say that this blog will change all that, but I might be talking/typing out of my ear.

The truth is, I know there is something that I want to share with the world, but I am struggling to find the voice to form it.  Movie reviews, parenting experiences, face painting trials, all of which have been sprinkled with my own bit of humour have been featured in past blogs.  With the layouts available for WordPress, this seems like the ideal format for my blogging ambitions.

I have hope the WordPress community will help with my plans for online publishing, and I will be using the tools available, particularly the Daily Prompt and Zero to Hero Challenge.

Here’s to a new start to a new blog!


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