Celebrities Are People Too


Some families go to Disneyland for a family vacation.  My family attends the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, or Calgary Expo for short.  The above photo was my daughter and I dressed as Lanterns for the costume contest and general cosplay fun.  I have also made it a point to get a picture with R2-D2 every year, something I have done four of the five times my daughter has attended with me.

I felt inspired to write something of note regarding this event when I saw the most recent guest announcement on the Calgary Expo site.  Particularly the year this picture was taken.

It was Saturday morning, Day 1 of the two maniacal days of fun.  I was dressed in my Sinestro costume, playing with my daughter who had grown tired of the voice actors panel we were seated in a few moments ago.  I was a little frustrated because I had really wanted to see this panel, since it featured Rob Paulson, Maurice La Marche, and Jess Harnel.  My daughter did not share my appreciation for voice talent and had become very bored by the whole thing.  Being the good father I am – and not one to fuel a tantrum – I took her outside and we played a bit while we waited for my wife to come meet us.

Suddenly, a woman with striking red hair, dressed in comfortable attire, comes running around the corner shouting, “I REALLY NEED TO PEE!” as she careens down the hall towards the bathroom.  Having attended conventions before, I was not completely surprised by the brash honesty of her words.  It’s Calgary Expo.  Weird things happen.  Nevertheless, I was a little stunned at the scene, and thus had failed to take note of the identity of the woman who briefly graced our presence.  I asked someone nearby if they could bring me up to speed.

It was none other than Felica Day.

No matter how many times I have seen The Guild or Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, that day at Calgary Expo has always stuck with me whenever someone mentions her name.  As she will be returning to Calgary this year, I hope that I will be able to create a new memory of encountering this wonderfully talented lady.  An experience that I will treasure for times to come.

Though I’m not sure what can top a screaming sprint to the washroom.  That’s hard to forget.


3 thoughts on “Celebrities Are People Too

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