The Great Word War aka Word Sprint

For those not familiar with National Novel Writing Month, there are events held throughout the month of November known as Word Sprints or – as those or the older generation like to call them – Word Wars.  This is when you sit down, set the timer for a certain amount of time, for example 10 minutes, and then you write until your fingers fall off or the set time comes to an end.  Whichever comes first.

When I saw the Write every day of your life prompt for 24 Jan, it was a natural fit.  Though I am writing this post with one glaring difference.  I am editing as I go.  I know a lot of people prefer to have a raw experience, and have all their mistakes and blunders captured, but I intend on hitting send as soon as I am done here.

Still have three minutes.

In the future, I may do these sprints/wars in order to make a quick post.  I also have plans to bring back a movie review project I was working on three years ago after the birth of my second daughter.  Hopefully it won’t end like last time.


Nickel for your thoughts? (Pennies have been discontinued)

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