The Nicest Full-time Shipwreck

After reviewing a few blogs for inspiration, my mind was starting to feel very mish-mashed and condensed.  Any kind of sense I could pull from it was coming apart at the seams.

This may be largely due to the amount of sleep I have had over the past week, combined with my workload at my daily employ being more than usual as we have had some people off sick, AND I had to do some serious number crunching to come up with a Business Finance Statement for 2013.

So instead of something deep, inspiring, and witty, I figured it best to throw caution into a bucket of perchloric acid and post a product demo of a ridiculous kitchen appliance.

Good night!  I’ll be funnier and more eloquent in the morning.  Or at least rested.


3 thoughts on “The Nicest Full-time Shipwreck

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