The Greatest Struggle

The greatest barrier I have had to fight against in the past few days has been my need to sleep.  By fighting against this, I have put my body in a compromised state.  The other day, I was to visit a home of a member in my church congregation, but after returning from church, I took an Advil and slept through the appointment.  My assigned companion had to go with someone else because I was sleeping so strongly.

When I was in university, I still remember the time I fell asleep during a quiz.  That night I went straight home, straight to bed, and slept for twelve hours.  I made it a point to get proper rest from that point on.

But I do tend to forget now and then.  Hence I am writing this post the day after the prompt date, since last night I got overwhelmed by my exhaustion.



3 thoughts on “The Greatest Struggle

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