The Really Inconvenient Truth

I’m not getting any younger.  I know this.  As my wife reminds me, every time she finds a white hair from the increasingly waning supply on my head, “Getting older is mandatory.  Growing up is optional.”  Yet, I seem to find comfort in things that are largely considered to be something for the younger crowd, animation being the chief amoung them.

About a year ago, I was working on a theatre production, and one of the younger cast members was surprised to learn that I was really into cartoons.  “Those are for kids!” he protested.  To which I simply replied, “Who do you think makes them?”  His silence was answer enough to my comment.  But he did raise a valid point.  Someone my age and status, you would think that I would be at least beginning to make the transition into something that could be designated to the area of proper, upstanding citizen.

This is not to say that I’m a total slob or derelict sponge on society.  True, I haven’t paid off my student loans, and I’m only four months into a three year debt repayment schedule, but I am doing my best to push forward into maturity.  Living in subsidized housing also takes a bit of a toll on the measure of my worth.

I have managed to take a few lessons from the generation before me, one of which is the importance of donating blood, something that I hope I’m making an impression upon my children.  I recently made my 76th donation, something that most 35 year old Canadians have not done, and I would think is not a goal for many of the younger generation.  I also participate in my local church congregation as a music conductor and lesson instructor.

The greatest lesson that I learned from my father and father-in-law – two great men I value as role models – is to put God and family first.  Everything else will find its place.  I’d like to think that I’m doing that.

I’d like to say that I’m running from the fact that time on Earth is running shorter than I would like it, but I have come to see that how you live your life is much, much more important than how long it is.

Still wish I had more hair.

[Thank you to Today’s Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ]


11 thoughts on “The Really Inconvenient Truth

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  2. Age is just a number, and while life is short we will all be able to achieve what we were meant to achieve. Case in point Shakespeare. I totally respect your thoughts about family and God, but here is a tip stop pulling your hair and try coloring them instead. Just Kidding 🙂

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