A Lesson In Time Management


I’m a child of the Nintendo Generation.  No shame in admitting that.  But the other night, my daughter asked for a story from my childhood.  Exactly why, I don’t know.  She also told me that Toy Story was a movie from the “Olden Days” and I felt absolutely ancient because I saw it during its initial theatrical release.

Back to gaming.

When my family acquired our grey box, it was something that everyone had a hard time stepping away from, myself especially.  Perhaps my mom was a bit more strict and I just have the memories a bit more rose coloured.  But there is one day that sticks out in my mind, that left me a little mortified.

Before I was to head off to a day of school in the Fourth Grade, I was playing a quick round of Super Mario Bros. and I was having a lot of fun because neither my brother nor sister were bugging me for a turn to play.  Then panic set in, once it struck me that things were quiet because they had already left for school.  (Please note “it” in this case, represents my situation at the time, not my mom.)

Try as I may, I got to school late and had to report to the office before I could go to class.  This is where the embarrassment began, since I was an honest kid and saw no point in lying that I had been playing video games instead of heading to class.  But to take it a step further, I had to write this reason out on a card that I then had to submit to my teacher when I got to class.  Everyone in the office staff had a bit of a tut-tut attitude towards my excuse, as did my teacher, but mercifully, she didn’t read my note out to the class.

She did summarize it though.

Needless to say, I never played video games before school again.


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