Ask A Pony


I mentioned in a previous post about my passion for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  To give a clearer idea of just how far I’m willing to go for this, take a look at the picture above.  The one on the right – clad in red plaid, red ears, and orange wig – is me in cosplay as Big Macintosh.

Some might jump on me for wearing a costume anytime that is not October 31, and some might further question my masculinity for impersonating an animated, colourful equine.  You might also notice that I’m not the only one in the picture.  This was a photo of the panel group in which I participated that day.  We took on the personas of the characters and answered questions in their manner.  It was a challenge to stay in character and to coordinate with everyone else.  However, most of us had to pay for our own admissions, and therefore we were not doing this for any sort of pay.

We were all doing this for the sheer fun and enjoyment of playing the role of these characters.

This is also the third time the panel has been put on, and the second time I have participated.  While I would love to say that each time has been progressively better than the last, I would be wrong.  This year’s cast was significantly smaller than 2013, but we still have plans to continue the panel.

Improv of this degree is a bit easier for me to handle, since the questions are directed to the characters, and not myself.  Perhaps it’s just my way of figuring how to cope with life by finding a happier, colourful way to express myself.

Even if my character is rather taciturn.