Ask A Pony


I mentioned in a previous post about my passion for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  To give a clearer idea of just how far I’m willing to go for this, take a look at the picture above.  The one on the right – clad in red plaid, red ears, and orange wig – is me in cosplay as Big Macintosh.

Some might jump on me for wearing a costume anytime that is not October 31, and some might further question my masculinity for impersonating an animated, colourful equine.  You might also notice that I’m not the only one in the picture.  This was a photo of the panel group in which I participated that day.  We took on the personas of the characters and answered questions in their manner.  It was a challenge to stay in character and to coordinate with everyone else.  However, most of us had to pay for our own admissions, and therefore we were not doing this for any sort of pay.

We were all doing this for the sheer fun and enjoyment of playing the role of these characters.

This is also the third time the panel has been put on, and the second time I have participated.  While I would love to say that each time has been progressively better than the last, I would be wrong.  This year’s cast was significantly smaller than 2013, but we still have plans to continue the panel.

Improv of this degree is a bit easier for me to handle, since the questions are directed to the characters, and not myself.  Perhaps it’s just my way of figuring how to cope with life by finding a happier, colourful way to express myself.

Even if my character is rather taciturn.


Celebrities Are People Too


Some families go to Disneyland for a family vacation.  My family attends the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, or Calgary Expo for short.  The above photo was my daughter and I dressed as Lanterns for the costume contest and general cosplay fun.  I have also made it a point to get a picture with R2-D2 every year, something I have done four of the five times my daughter has attended with me.

I felt inspired to write something of note regarding this event when I saw the most recent guest announcement on the Calgary Expo site.  Particularly the year this picture was taken.

It was Saturday morning, Day 1 of the two maniacal days of fun.  I was dressed in my Sinestro costume, playing with my daughter who had grown tired of the voice actors panel we were seated in a few moments ago.  I was a little frustrated because I had really wanted to see this panel, since it featured Rob Paulson, Maurice La Marche, and Jess Harnel.  My daughter did not share my appreciation for voice talent and had become very bored by the whole thing.  Being the good father I am – and not one to fuel a tantrum – I took her outside and we played a bit while we waited for my wife to come meet us.

Suddenly, a woman with striking red hair, dressed in comfortable attire, comes running around the corner shouting, “I REALLY NEED TO PEE!” as she careens down the hall towards the bathroom.  Having attended conventions before, I was not completely surprised by the brash honesty of her words.  It’s Calgary Expo.  Weird things happen.  Nevertheless, I was a little stunned at the scene, and thus had failed to take note of the identity of the woman who briefly graced our presence.  I asked someone nearby if they could bring me up to speed.

It was none other than Felica Day.

No matter how many times I have seen The Guild or Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, that day at Calgary Expo has always stuck with me whenever someone mentions her name.  As she will be returning to Calgary this year, I hope that I will be able to create a new memory of encountering this wonderfully talented lady.  An experience that I will treasure for times to come.

Though I’m not sure what can top a screaming sprint to the washroom.  That’s hard to forget.

It’s The Thought That Counts

Staggering to think my sixteenth birthday was twenty years ago.  I was still living with my parents and sisters, and while my home was in Canada, it was on the other side of the country in Greenfield Park, Quebec.  According to the Wikipedia article about the town, that little anglophone community is now conglomerated with the Town of Longueil.

I suddenly feel very old.

The most prominent memory that comes to mind is not any type of present I received.  In fact, the memory I have may not have taken place on my birthday, but was rather closer to Halloween.  The events are both in October, so it’s likely that we decided to combine the two.  I distinctly remember the Garfield cake that my mom put together, and how I divvied it up very disproportionately, giving favour to my friends, and I got very little in the end.  I also recall it was close to Halloween, because it was a church function, and I had decided to do a cosplay as a Starfleet officer.

At the time I had not heard of cosplay, but I did know about costuming.  You would have to be a fool not to know that you dressed up in costumes on Halloween, but my idea was a bit different.  Using pieces of my limited wardrobe, I assembled a costume consisting of black pants and a shirt with the same style as the Deep Space Nine uniforms, albeit the coloured swatch was grey instead of the typical red, blue, or gold.  My mom wouldn’t let me near the sewing machine, yet I don’t think I would have had the time – never mind access to materials – in order to make the proper uniform, but I didn’t let that stop me.  I pulled the Starfleet insignia display base from one of the action figures I had, stuck some masking tape on the back, and slapped in on my chest.  I was rather proud of my original character.

Awards were not won, but people noticed what I did.  Some gave me words of congratulations, others were a bit surprised.  Oddly enough, I don’t remember what my family thought of my invention.  I’m not sure if I would have paid it any mind, but if I had my journal from the time, I might be able to tell truth from fiction.

Before I made this post, I tried to find a written account of the evening.  I did find some written records from ten years ago, but anything beyond that was fruitless.

At least I have this record now.